My recent trip was to Hong Kong and decided to start a new series of photographs, called  "First hour" project. Whenever traveling somewhere, I will just grab my camera and take photos on the street for one hour. As you may know, I'm heavily using Photoshop and retouch many details - most of the time - so it was a bit hard to leave reality as it is. I've used Adobe Lightroom and modified only a things with Photoshop. I've got thousands of images from all over the world, but there was no twist in the concept, so I did not release those photographs. From now on, I've set new limits for myself and decided to share some photographs of Hong Kong and its people. Somehow I like the idea of create something in a quite short time, during a "culture shock" and keep it fresh and new. 
- and yes, Lightroom was my best friend and I LOVE wide angle :)

Thanks for watching!
Flora Borsi, 2019

special thanks to Paul's Photo and M.M.

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